Ricky Gamble, County Commissioner, District 3


Perimeter Road Opening
Jo Kennon Public Library

Ricky Gamble

County Commissioner District 3


Hooked on Heroes

Hooked on Heroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making veterans feel that they are part of something and that they are not forgotten.

Hooked on Heroes offers veterans a memorable day fishing. They supply them with rod and reels, bait, food and drinks. Boats are captained by volunteers from our community. If you would like to help give a veteran this opportunity, visit Hooked on Heroes website to learn more.

  • Voted against ALL TAX and assessment increases and will continue to do so.

  • Will continue to be a commissioner for ALL and not a YES man for a few.

  • Will continue to fight for more CLEAN jobs for Suwannee County.

  • A proven voting record not promises.

  • Have been accessible 24/7 – returned calls.

  • Since 2013, provided all agenda and back up information on my website.

  • Local business owner since 2007.

  • State certified county commissioner.

  • Served on multiple committees including Dowling Park Library Committee, Veterans Parade Committee and North Florida Economic Development Partnership.

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